Castle and park

A tale of two cities

The University Master Degree in Innovative Hospitality Management offers the participant the possibility to live in two different cities during the program, as well as being able to do an International Internship worldwide (depending on visa requirements).


The first academic block takes place in Barcelona. Cosmopolitan, modern, welcoming, Barcelona has it all. History, design, leisure, the ocean, an incredible cultural heritage and above all, a dynamic, creative culture: a perfect setting for business...and some pleasure.

Barcelona is modern and progressive. It is both popular and steeped in tradition. Barcelona has become one of the most sought-after tourist destinations, visited by those looking for unforgettable experiences.
A first-class city for professionals, known for innovation and its open doors to diversity, making it the preferred destination for business and events. It is, beyond a doubt, an active city with a warm, open character.
And, because of its long history and experience, it is the ideal location for professional tourism studies.


The second academic block takes place in Maastricht. The city was founded by the Romans as Mosae Trajectum, situated on a strategic crossroads of traffic routes and the Meuse river. Today, the oldest city in the Netherlands is one of the country’s preferred student cities.
Its lifestyle and the concentration of bars and restaurants in the historic centre give this city an atmosphere which is atypical for the northern half of Europe.

Maastricht has always been a crossroads for travellers and a city worth staying in. Belgium and Germany are literally a bike ride away from the city centre.
The city is also an ideal starting place for trips to major European cities such as Amsterdam, Cologne, Brussels or even Paris.

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Maastricht is a vibrant student city. View an impression.

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