Castle and park

Availability in the dormitories is usually very limited. Having that said, Hotel Management School Maastricht also has a Guest house. To check the availability in the dormitories or guesthouse, we advise candidates to contact Campus Team directy.

Alternatively we would like students to recommend checking out the following websites to explore their housing options:

  • MyMaastricht has some great tips on where to find affordable housing.
  • Alternatively, if you want a room or apartment that is readily available, you are advised to contact maastrichthousing or the Student Hotel.

In Barcelona, students can contact the International Office for assistance in finding suitable housing. All in all finding affordable housing is not too difficult in Barcelona.

A GMAT or pre-master is not a requirement for the Master in Innovative Hospitality Management. Please feel free to refer to our admission requirements for more information.

No, there is no maximum age to apply for the Master in Innovative Hospitality Management. Our classes consist of a very diverse student body with students from different nationalities, ages and academic and work backgrounds. This creates an interesting and eye-opening dynamic in class and is something we wholeheartedly encourage.

Maastricht is a characteristic city with a longstanding history and culture. For a quick introduction, we would like to refer you to MyMaastricht’s video and our Zuyd University's introduction to the city and student life in Maastricht.

The study in Holland website has a great tool to tell you all that is required, applicable to your situation. Please refer to their website.

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