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The three pillars of the University Master Degree in Innovative Hospitality Management are:

  • Innovation: apply and consolidate research methods for the international hotel industry and other industries where hospitality plays a key role;
  • Hospitality: improving interpersonal and multicultural skills, with the aim of providing high quality experiences to clients;
  • Management: develop leadership and management strategies focused on business management and hospitality.

With an annual growth forecast of five percent for this decade, the Travel and Tourism sector is one of the world's largest and fastest growing industries. Its importance should not be underestimated. For example, it represents more than 50% of direct investments to developing countries. Emerging markets in general, and China in particular, are mainly responsible for the growth of the travel and tourism industry. Tourism has also become one of the main sources of international contact and cultural exchange. Furthermore, you will study for four months in Barcelona, the number one hotspot of tourism in Europe and one of the most favourite destinations in the world!

Are you ready to leave your mark in one of the fastest growing industries in the world? Then please, read on….

Main Focuses

Leadership Competencies
The people working in hospitality are the ones in charge of making it an interesting field for personal and professional growth. Competencies both developed and monitored include personal development, communication skills, cultural awareness, leadership and networking skills.

Innovation in Hospitality
New trends in hospitality are changing the jobs of the future. The Master IHM prepares students to provide a more creative, innovative and efficient approach to the profession. Real-life case studies complement the academic inputs.

Hospitality Management
IHM students become acquainted with a creative, innovative and systematic pursuit of organizational goals of companies, both within and outside of the hospitality industry. They do so by planning, organizing, leading and controlling the available resources in a sustainable way.

Research in Hospitality
Research skills in the hospitality field are a critical factor for anticipating future scenarios and for transferring academic knowledge needed to face challenges in various industries. The research block of the Master includes research methods, as well as the four month in-company research thesis.

Educational style

The universities that collaborate in this Master Degree are prestigious institutions that have high-level teaching staff. The academic environment is dynamic and open to student participation. Our learning methodology is based on:

  • Promotion of critical thinking to find solutions and opportunities to real management challenges from a multidisciplinary and multicultural perspective.
  • Combination of the academic content with the practical element with the objective of reinforcing the academic knowledge through real practical cases.

The training methodology also includes academic readings, teamwork, coaching, practical cases, contact with professionals, multicultural experiences, study trips, research projects, online learning, academic collaborators, visits to companies and training experiences at an international level.

During the programme

1st Academic Block

The first academic block is four months long and takes place at HTSI San Ignasi in Barcelona. The main focus is on innovation and entrepreneurship in hospitality:

  •  Innovation Management in Hospitality
  •  Redefining the Hospitality Experience
  •  Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

2nd Academic Block

The second four month block takes place at HMSM in Maastricht. The main focus is on international hospitality management:

  •  International Strategic Management
  •  International Marketing Management
  •  International Financial Management

3rd Practical Research Block

The 3rd and last Master block is an international placement or internship, that could take you anywhere in the world (visa permitting):

  •  In-Company Research Thesis

Next to this, you will experience two educational study trips to become acquainted with different hospitality models and exchange ideas with leading hospitality managers. You will visit innovative hotels and other companies where hospitality is the heart of the matter.

The structure of the one-year Master Innovative Hospitality Management can be visualized as follows:

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