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During the master Facility and Real Estate Management you will get prepared for a challenging management position in a profit or non-profit organization.

You will get a unique mixture of lectures about facility management as well as real estate management. Courses will be taught on a strategic level in English. Since the education is small-scale with a selective admission procedure, our experienced teachers and professionals will have sufficient time to coach you during the programme. And that personal attention really counts. This way you will be able to make the most of the master! Furthermore, they will help you to find a direction for your career in facility- and real estate management.

You will not only learn a lot from our experienced professionals. You will have fellow students with all kinds of different nationalities and of different ages, who might already have working and/or academic experience. This creates a dynamic and diverse group of students from whom you can also learn a lot outside the lecture halls.

Specialized disciplines

Facility and real estate management have developed into two specialized management disciplines. Managers understand that without a secondary process, a primary process can’t exist. That is why facility management and real estate management play an important role in all kinds of companies nowadays.

As a result of this development, facility and real estate managers are, more than ever, involved in developing business strategies. And not only from the point of view of the secondary process. Together facility and real estate services are responsible for supporting the primary processes of a company and its target groups. This ensures that boundaries between departments fade and all business processes come together.

In these changing environments you, as a facility and/or real estate manager, will have to be able to think in terms of strategy, choices, visions and goals of the organization. That way you will realize maximum output and create a company that runs like a well-oiled machine.

Strategic insight

When you make plans as a facility or real estate manager, you will do this in the context of the general business plan. It’s important to understand the relation between the business plan, the facility and real estate management plan and the strategies of the individual divisions of the organization.

A manager will focus on two general tasks. The first task is achieving long and short-term goals of the organization. The second task is effectively managing facility- and real estate divisions of the organization. A focus on the entire environment of the organization is fundamental: locally, regionally, nationally and globally. This is important because a facility and real estate manager interacts with and is responsible for the entire world.

A one-year master

The one-year (12 months) master Facility and Real Estate Management consists of three terms in which you, as a student, will complete the following courses and a thesis:


Focus of the programme

The focus of the master’s programme will be on the following components:

  • Trends and strategy: Methodologically recognizing the developments and trends in the external sector and integrating these trends in the facility and real estate management strategy.
  • Core business and leadership: Analysing primary processes and developing and initiating the facility and real estate management strategies in a creative and entrepreneurial way. 
  • Improving facility management processes: Establishing, managing and improving facility, real estate and organizational processes in a customer oriented and efficient manner in order to develop a positive change. 
  • Real estate portfolio and added value: Analyzing the real estate portfolio in the context of facility and real estate management processes and facility and real estate environment of a company. Taking into account the financial situation of a company, in order to increase the added value of the facilities. 
  • Master’s research skills: the master will not only focus on developing analytical and critical skills, but also on developing research and strategic decision making skills. 

Study trip

At the end of the first term (early December) you will travel to the University of Greenwich in London. During this trip you will meet your fellow students in London, attend a master class and participate in workshops at the University of Greenwich. You will also visit some iconic places in London. Furthermore, we will inspire you, as a future Facility and Real Estate professional, by introducing you to the most innovative development, facility and real estate concepts in London. 
The study trip (travel, accommodation, breakfast and welcome diner) is included in the tuition fee. Students are able to extend their visit to London at their own expense. 
Click here for an extensive description of the modules, the varied forms of teaching and the various assessments. 

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