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During the master Facility Management and Real Estate Management we prepare you for a management function within an organization.

Specialised disciplines

Facility management and real estate management have grown out to be specialised management disciplines. Managers understand that without a secondary process a primary process cannot exist. Nowadays facility management and real estate management play a key role in the overall business.

As a result of this development, facility and real estate managers are more involved in the company’s strategy than ever before and not only from a secondary process point of view. Together assets and facilities services are responsible for the appropriate support of the primary processes and its stakeholders. Together with the core business they are partners in a kind of joint venture for the benefit of all the stakeholders. Departmental borders get blurred and all business processes come together.

In this changing environment facility and real estate managers have to think and to manage in terms of strategy, choices, visions and goals of the overall business to create a company that runs as a well-oiled machine that is fit for use and can provide the maximum output possible.

Strategic insight

Planning should be done in the context of the overall company business plan. It is important to understand the relationship between the company's business plan, the facility management & real estate management plan, and the individual strategies of the business units.

A manager will focus on two main tasks. The first is the use of organisational objectives, both long- and short term. The second is the effective management of the facility & real estate departmental unit(s) within the organisation. The focus on the total environment of the organization is crucial: local, regional, national and global; because a Facility- and Real Estate manager is acting in relationship with - and being responsible for - the global world.

12-months programme

The 12-months Master programme consists of three terms in which students will complete the following subjects and thesis:


Focus of the programme

The foundation of the Master’s programme lies in the following focus areas:

  • Trends and strategy: methodologically recognising developments and trends in the external sector and integrating them into the facility & real estate management strategy.
  • Core business and leadership: analysing primary processes and developing facility & real estate management strategies in an initiating and creative way, showing entrepreneurial leadership.
  • Facility management process, change and client: establishing, commanding and improving facility & real estate management processes and organisational processes to develop processes of change in a client-oriented and efficient way.
  • Real estate portfolio and added value: analysing the building portfolio aspects in the context of facility & real estate management processes and the Facility & Real Estate Management company environment as well as the company’s financial situation in order to enhance the added value of the facilities.
  • Master level skills: This Master programme will not only focus on developing your analytical and critical thinking skills, but also on your research and strategic decision- making skills. 

Study Trip

At the end of Term I (early December) the Master students will go on a study trip to the University of Greenwich in London. During this trip, the students will meet their fellow students in London, experience a master class at the University of Greenwich and will visit iconic sites in the City of London.

Finally, the week will end with a Farewell Dinner for all students. Students can extend their stay in London at their own costs.

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