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Program Knowledge Event "Come Curious, Leave Inspired"

All students and staff are invited to join the knowledge event COME CURIOUS, LEAVE INSPIRED on October 2nd, 2018 and celebrate the 68th birthday of our lovely institute.


09.15               welcome, coffee and bread & delicious
10.00               keynote speech by philosopher and comedian Paul Smit
10.55               sessions
12.30               lunch @Food Court and What's Cooking playing!

Keynote Paul Smit

Whether it concerns stress or change management, everything revolves around influencing people's behavior. With humor, interaction and concrete examples, Paul provides the latest insights from psychology, philosophy and neuroscience. In the session “Influencing the brain", we zoom out and look at ourselves, our customers and the organization with fresh insights from a fresh perspective.


Make sure you register for the session of your preference. You will receive a personal invitation to register. Spaces are limited, so react quickly! For detailed information about the sessions open this document.

1 Nieuwsgierig naar jouw mindset? workshop (NL)
2 Nieuwgierig naar jouw carièrre?     panel discussie (NL)
3 Wat is je talent? workshop (NL)
4 Leren van nieuwsgierige succesvolle ondernemers interactief dialoog (NL)
5 Curious about your customer experience interactieve workshop (NL)
6 How do Millennials eat? speech (NL en ENG)
7 Curious for your next mistake? This is why you should be! workshop (ENG)
8 Curious about the world?  interactive dialogue (ENG)
9 Curiosity and Events presentation (ENG)
10 Verrassingsworkshop (NL)

To learn more about the speakers, click here!

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