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New executive course: Hospitality Innovation Program | 16 maart 2017

Last week HMSM Hospitality Consultancy has launched a new Executive Course in Marbella, Spain. The Hospitality Innovation Program (HIP) was developed upon request from a group of entrepreneurs in Andalusia, called The Ronda Mountain Think Tank. HIP 2017 is a 5 day (1 week) program focusing on different themes like Foodservice (by Rob van Herpen), Leadership (by Jeroen Frerichs), Hospitality (by Ilse Brommersma) and Destination marketing / Social Media (by Iris Brouwer).

The HIP participants are all working in the hotel and restaurant industry in Andalusia. They were joined by 5 students from our school ( Lonneke van der Wal, Sjoerd van Dijk, Hanna Gorter, Milou van Minnen en Maxime Kleuskens) , who assist the hospitality consultants to get the Spanish participants acquainted with the Maastricht way of working. Together they worked on a project assignment focusing on the tourism industry in the Marbella region.

During the Closing Ceremony in the Marbella Club Hotel (*****) the project groups presented their findings and were awarded with an official certificate of HIP 2017.

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