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The Internship!

 A unique learning environment

The Teaching Hotel provides the Hotel Management School Maastricht with a unique, inspirational learning environment for students and teachers alike. We like to think of it as our ‘hospitality lab’. In the hotel we can experiment with new concepts, discover a new view on hospitality and reflect on possible innovations with our external partners. This is how we train the hotel managers of the future to be creative, innovative professionals who can supply a fresh impetus to the hospitality industry.  

Student in Crayon room with a vacuum-cleaner on his back

An internship at the Teaching Hotel

Every year, the Teaching Hotel offers a special challenge to a number of ambitious students – including some that are studying on other courses - a practical or management internship in the Teaching Hotel. These young managers show a high degree of passion and responsibilty. They are the professionals that make your experience in the Teaching Hotel unique.

If you are a student on a higher or intermediate vocational course and are interested in an internship, please contact Harpert van Seggelen, General Manager, Telephone +31 43 - 352 53 46.

Student making the bed in The Bathroom
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