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Bart Vos

Bart Vos graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. In 1996, he set up Vos Interieur Maupertuus. Now he is the creative director of this business, whose substantial, unusual collection makes it unique in Europe.

The client’s wishes are always the starting point for the interior or product that has to be designed. The work of Bart Vos is typified by its clear style in which simple, architectonic shapes dominate. He uses a number of steps to reduce the basic principles of the design to their most basic form. In both his interior designs and his product designs, all superfluous elements are eliminated so that the core of the design remains. In spite of this, his products and designs are eminently practical and functional. Both form and user-comfort play a major role.

“The corridors are only a simple means of access to the rooms. That’s where the real fun takes place, of course,” says Bart Vos, who designed the public areas of the hotel. This is why he kept his design sober and restrained. “In most hotels the corridors are stuffed with little paintings and large vases full of flowers. Here this would only disrupt the tension that these extraordinary surroundings evoke. In fact all of the corridors overlook the beautiful courtyard.”

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