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Fleur Muris & Marcel van Neer

Fleur and Marcel both graduated from the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design and now work for iNeXarchitecten, a team of architects based in Maastricht. The designs of Fleur and Marcel are not typified by spectacular features but by refinement, tranquillity, minimalism and serenity in which they try to create a feeling of stratification. They embed their designs in their environment and use factors such as orientation, contemplation and surroundings to bring variation.

Fleur Muris and Marcel van Neer on the four rooms that they designed:
“The starting point for our design was the students of the Maastricht Hotel Management School, who are being trained for a successful career in the international hotel industry. We not only want our designs to inspire them to look at the possibilities and trends for the future but also that they guarantee a certain degree of hospitality. Our mission is: ‘professionals in hospitality’, a different point of view.

A visit to our room is also a visit to South Limburg – a region that attaches great importance to hospitality. The room is not something that’s interchangeable and could just as easily be in London, Madrid or Brussels. The concept is geared to the location and the design addresses the space and its specific characteristics.

We’ve found hospitality in the human interaction between the personnel, the student and the hotel guest. This is inspired by the ryokans, the traditional guesthouses in Japan that are famed for their legendary service. In the Ryokan, only the essential things are present. This simplicity enables the guest to find perfect peace.

We want to stimulate a particular sort of hospitality on the part of the personnel – a hospitality that is different to what normally happens in a hotel. The host must walk with the guest to the room while explaining the use of the room, just like the personnel in the ryokan.

The rooms are furnished with wooden furniture modules that combine all of the essential facilities. It is a challenge for the guest to discover this piece of furniture. Both of the rooms designed by us have their own individual character.”

Fleur Muris and Marcel van Neer designed two rooms:
Room 16 – Simplicity and Hospitality
Room 20 – Simplicity and Hospitality

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