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Leon de Lange

Leon de Lange graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in June 2008, majoring in Man and Living. He completed his internship at the design studio Makkink & Bey in 2006 where he has been working as a designer since graduating. He builds concepts and thinks with his hands. He masters the 1:100 world with a pair of tweezers just as completely as the 1:1 world with a chain saw. He has a penchant for calligraphy.

Leon de Lange on his design for the L’Etoile restaurant:
“The restaurant in the school. The restaurant that is also a lesson. Welcoming guests in the classroom. Full of protocols, serving techniques and etiquette. Order, agreements and anticipating situations. Hierarchy, professional knowledge and helpfulness. The guest is put first, and if he feels that he is being put first, the student feels more important. Quiet fame. The intention behind the sketched proposal was to give this fame its own showcase. An individual piece of furniture adjusted to his specific task. The different tasks in the hierarchy are gathered together and grouped centrally in the restaurant in the mis en place. Everyone knows his responsibilities in his physical part of the restaurant. The furniture refers directly to what, for me, is a specific person, an attitude that I found during my research into the day-to-day business of the restaurant. The restaurant seems to fulfil a reverse function: it is not the pupils who are sitting on the school benches but those who are judging them. The pupil is in charge.”  

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