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Luc Coenegracht

Luc Coenegracht teaches Construction & Interior Design at the Hotel Management School Maastricht. He also works as an architect at the firm Ton Vandenbergh in Heerlen. Luc Coenegracht designed the meeting rooms at the Teaching Hotel. These rooms are suitable for use by groups up to a maximum of 7 or 8 people.

Meeting rooms L'Une and L'Autre:
Their identical size and shape were the starting point for a sober but similar interpretation. Moreover, Luc opted for complementary colours for these rooms, which resulted in two contrasting rooms with a shared relationship. These colours are also reflected in the soft furnishings. The relationship of these two rooms is also expressed in their names.The furniture provides an entirely individual character that is reinforced by the unique smell of these two rooms.

Meeting rooms Les 5 Sens and Le Cabinet:
The starting point here was the theme of sensitivity. By selectively deploying smell, colour, light, sound and ICT, Luc has ensured that meetings will be more than just meetings. He turns them into an experience.
Both rooms draw on the rich history of the Hotel School: in ‘Les 5 sens’, the old castle floor has been reused; ‘Le Cabinet’ mirrors objects, photos and documents that illustrate the 60-year history of the Hotel School. Sustainability and the use of used materials are reflected in the use of packaging materials such as wine cases as display cases and wall units. Use was also made of advanced, energy-efficient LED lighting.

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