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Hotel rooms with design

The Teaching Hotel in Maastricht has 26 hotel rooms designed by twelve established and up-and-coming Dutch designers. The hotelrooms in the centuries-old Château Bethlehem offer an exceptional combination of modern comfort and authentic features.

Hospitality was the main starting point, but every room has been individually designed and has its own atmosphere. So a stay at the Teaching Hotel is guaranteed to be a unique experience. Here’s a brief impression of the rooms:

Room 1 - Push Start
Enjoy your stay together or separate - just draw the curtains

Room 2 - Fremdkörper
From the bed you can look - through the curtains - at the tile landscape

Room 3 - Bedspread Frontier
In the fiftyfifty division of this room the bed and the bath battle each other

Room 4 - Crayon room
In this room the staff and the guests can leave messages on the walls....

Read more about designer Jurgen Bey

Rooms 5, 6, 7 and 8 - Hard/soft, matt/shining
Enjoy the beautiful view on the park en be surprised by the different materials....

Read more about Merkx+Girod

Room 9 - Bath room
Wake up in a swimming pool....

Room 10 - Green room
A tower in a tower.....

Room 11 - Black room
A game between light and dark, day and night, awareness and sleep.....

Read more about designer Richard Hutten

Room 12, 14 and 15 - Paper Suites
Everything in these rooms is made of paper and by hand....

Read more about Studio Job

Room 16 - Simplicity and hospitality
A room with different spaces and functions

Room 20 - Simplicity and hospitality
Only one piece of furniture in the room....

Read more about designers Fleur Muris & Marcel van Neer

Room 17 - Family room
A room for your family, produced from wood

Room 18 - Hotel Standard
One object includes all hotel functions

Room 19 - One colour
But what colour is it?

Room 25 - Hotel Object
Different modules, built in a room

Read more about designer Piet Hein Eek

Room 21 - Craft
Be creative in the workplace...

Room 22 - Body
A suite especially for your soul, your thoughts, your welness...

Room 23 - Mind
Read a book in your own library

Room 24 - Heart
A kitchen in your hotel room, the feeling of home..

Read more about D/Dock

Room 30 - Suite in the parc
As if you are lingering in the middle of a park...

Room 31 - Cut the crap
A smart cubis, as guest you add the "crap".....

Read more about designer Gerben van der Molen

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