castle 1

Room 1 - Push Start

Designer: Studio Makkink & Bey
Type of room: Deluxe

In this room you can choose whether to spend your time together or separately. After a busy day together, perhaps you would like to carry on working or reading while your partner sleeps. And the ideal place is between the partition wall and the window. The velvet partition replaces the curtain in front of the window, enlarging the space between to form a small reading area.

On the bed, there is a games computer.  With it, you can relax, together or alone, with the classic computer game Tetris. This is one of the first computer games ever made and is beautifully simple. The blocks descend between the ‘Tetrominoes’ at their own speed and then disappear when a row is completed. This digital form of tidying up has a calming effect on a cluttered mind.

Please note that the features of the room mentioned above are explained in Dutch. Nevertheless, as pictures say more than a thousand words, viewers who do not understand Dutch can enjoy these images as well, of course.

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