castle 1

Room 2 - Fremdkörper

Designer: Studio Makkink & Bey
Type of room: Deluxe

From your bed, you can gaze through the curtains at a tiled landscape in the bathroom. The landscape is formed by wide tiled areas of various colours and jagged contours. Actually, it could just as easily be an interior. In fact, the angular areas of these abstract sketches could be just about anything, but together they form a decor. Viewed from the bed, the bathroom scene contrasts with the sleeping area when viewed from the bathroom. Both rooms are spacious and equal in area. The bathroom tiles give the room a linear, graphic appearance while the walls of the bedroom are covered with soft carpet. The view through to either room links them together and provides an interaction between them.

Please note that the features of the room mentioned above are explained in Dutch. Nevertheless, as pictures say more than a thousand words, viewers who do not understand Dutch can enjoy these images as well, of course.

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