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Kamer 3 - Bedspread Frontier

Designer: Studio Makkink & Bey
Type of room: Deluxe

Enter most hotel rooms and you’ll first be struck by the strict arrangement of furniture and bed-linen. There’s an almost institutional tidiness that many people do not know at home. There are no creases, only straight folds. In this room, the sheets dominate the interior. The frontier between the white linen and the flower-patterned bedspread continues onto the blue floor and rises over the blue walls.

The floor of the room is exactly divided in half – half for the bath and half for the bed. The sleeping section of a hotel room is usually larger than the bathroom, putting the emphasis on sleeping. However, personal care, a good, spacious bath in an impeccable bathroom with different soaps to the ones you use at home are every bit as important after a hectic day. In this fifty-fifty style, bath and bed compete with each other. In the bathroom, guests can relax together, each in a bath, watch TV together and maybe even one guest might take a bath while the other uses the home trainer… and then takes a bath straight afterwards. In fact, this bathroom is a little spa for total body care.  And because the room is divided into two equal parts, the guests can also spend their time separately, each in his or her own room.

Please note that the features of the room mentioned above are explained in Dutch. Nevertheless, as pictures say more than a thousand words, viewers who do not understand Dutch can enjoy these images as well, of course.

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