castle 1

Room 4 - Crayon Room

Designer: Studio Makkink & Bey
Type of room: Superior

Guests are often greeted with a bed that has been beautifully made with a pillow that looks like a flower and swans made from towels and soap. This room goes a step further. Here the hotel staff can leave drawn messages on the wall as a welcome gift. The walls, ceiling and furniture are painted with blackboard paint and there are sticks of chalk so that you can add to the drawings that are already there. In this way, the accumulation of other people’s traces becomes a personal and public declaration of presence. As an individual, you are the last guest in a long line of others.

Please note that the features of the room mentioned above are explained in Dutch. Nevertheless, as pictures say more than a thousand words, viewers who do not understand Dutch can enjoy these images as well, of course.

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