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Graduate Claire Opsteyn wins IHAB Award! | 09 April 2019

During the Funda award ceremony on Saturday 30 March 2019, the IHAB Award was presented to graduating student Claire Opsteyn. Director Ad Smits had the honour of presenting the IHAB Award on behalf of the final assessments jury.

Praise from the jury

The jury praised Claire for her outstanding final assessment as follows:

"Claire Opsteyn won the jury over immediately with her exceptionally good presentation. But the contents of the presentation were even better than the appearance. Sincere, genuine and well-reasoned. Claire has a passion for the Food Services and linked this playfully in her presentation with 4 dishes which were special for her. Not just the dishes themselves, but flavours, structures and ingredients had specific meanings in her hotel management school career, competencies, personality and vision of the future. An extremely strong presentation, in which she also allowed herself to show vulnerability, which is a fine quality. We very much hope that she will make her dreams come true."

IHAB Award

The Hotel Management School Maastricht presented the IHAB award for the first time in the academic year 2017-2018. IHAB stands for International Hospitality Advisory Board, which is the Hotel Management School’s advisory body. The award is presented to the student who made the greatest impression during their final assessment.

Winner Claire: "I think it is really cool that I won the award! I was surprised that the IHAB consists of such inspiring and important people from the sector, and feel genuinely honoured that I was chosen as the winner. I kept my presentation focussed on myself as much as possible and took up a fairly vulnerable position. It is good to see that this was rewarded. I am looking forward to a 3-month trip around South America, where among other things I will revisit the foundation in Peru for which I wrote a business plan during my 3rd year at the Hotel Management School. So the 1,000 euros will contribute to financing this journey. I am very curious about the observation day. I think HMSHost is a very good company and it will be super interesting to find out more about how they work and about the international growth they are currently achieving. I am looking forward to it very much!”

Final assessment

The final assessment is the moment for students to look back on 4 years’ study (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter) at the HMSM. Each student tells the story of their personal development in their own specific way. The final credit for completing the study programme is the result. This assessment is 'the job interview for the future', you might say.


Four students were nominated for the prize by their assessors, because they made a particularly good impression and achieved a score of 9 or higher. The nominees were Niels Oudakker, Claire Opsteyn, Teddy Kühne and Frederique Bouwman.


Besides the eternal glory, Claire won a cash prize of € 1,000 sponsored by Bidfood, an observation day in the company of IHAB member Walter Seib, CEO of HMSHost International Schiphol Airport and an overnight stay in a 5* hotel.

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