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HMSM Masterclass Program | 13 June 2019

It’s a wrap! The first edition of the HMSM Masterclass Program came to an end with a successful defense by our participating module 3 students last Tuesday night! Over the course of 15 weeks, Astrid Bulck, Cindy Burg, Fei Duindam, Aafke Goetheer, Emma Goselink, Kiki Lahaije and Lars Peters completed a challenging program to provide a solution to a real-life industry case.

Create a brand-new hotel

The participants were asked by Schiphol Real-estate to create a brand-new hotel located on the premises of the international airport. From scratch, a concept needed to be developed that would match the current market developments but would also be financially attractive to both the investor as well as to the operator. For 15 weeks, every Tuesday night, an industry expert was welcomed to Maastricht to share experiences and wisdom with the participating students and to help them complete this project. Amongst the speakers were many HMSM alumni, who all accepted our invitation to be a Masterclass Ambassador.

Yes, we passed!

Last Tuesday, the participants were challenged to defend their ideas to our business jury consisting of Christophe Beaumont, Rino Soeters, Wim Dupont and our own dean Ad Smits. After a professional presentation and a heavy Q&A session, all students passed the requirements of the Program, and received an official certificate from Ad Smits.

The purpose of the HMSM Masterclass Program is to provide our second year students with in-depth industry knowledge as to prepare them for participating in our student challenges between international hotel management schools. A second edition of the Program will commence in September!

Thank you alumni!

The first edition of the Program was supported by the following of our alumni and other loyal contributors. A big thank you to Piet Boogert (HMSM ’79), Jan Roersma, (HMSM’ 80), Wim Dupont (HMSM ’82), Stephan Stokkermans (HMSM ’90), Caroline Receveur (HMSM ’94), Alex van Gastel (HMSM ’96), Iris van Leeuwen (HMSM ’16), Julia Steenhuisen (HMSM ’18), Christophe Beaumont, Michael Levie, Jeroen Smeele, Rino Soeters, and Douwe Bakker, who all contributed their energy and made this program possible! The HMSM could not be more thankful!

The HMSM Masterclass Program is an initiative of lecturer Luc Houben and second year student Joelle Verschoor, based on ideas of third year students Paul Bejczy and Bo Heestermans.


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