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5 culture related tips for international students in Maastricht | 11 december 2017

When you’ve arranged all the paperwork that comes along with studying abroad, it’s time to dive into some cultural advice for living in Maastricht. With our tips you will make the most of your time in this wonderful city.

Get a bike!

A bike is the easiest way to get around in the city. It’s the most popular (and cheapest!) way of transportation for Dutch people. Get your own bike and you’ll fit right in! It’s only a short bike ride from the HMSM campus to the city centre. An easy and quick way of transportation when you have to do some shopping, want to have a bite to eat or want to go the bar.


Almost everyone in the Netherlands speaks English. No need to learn Dutch you might think! But why not? Studying and living in the Netherlands is a unique opportunity to learn Dutch and experience the culture even more. Even though there aren’t that many countries in the world that use this language. It’s still a fun way to impress your friends. At least try to learn a few simple words!

Explore by train

The best way to explore the rest of The Netherlands is by train. The public transportation system is very good, it will get you almost anywhere. You might think there isn’t a lot to see in such a small country, but boy you’re wrong! Our country has a rich culture and the south is very different from the north. Explore the coast and the big cities like Rotterdam and Amsterdam. There are a million things to do and see!

Enjoy the rich culture

Don’t forget to enjoy the rich culture of Maastricht! There are a lot of things to do and see in our beautiful city. Visit a museum, a monument or a church and finish the day with a nice beer in one of the local café’s. Also, don’t forget to try ‘Zoervleis’, a meat stew with a rich and sweet sauce, a dish that’s typical for the Maastricht area.

Join an organisation

Being alone in a country abroad you might feel lonely every now and then. That’s why we advise you to join an organisation! You can join our own student association Amphitryon or join one of the many other organisations based in Maastricht.

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