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5 reasons to study in Maastricht | 20 maart 2017

Still doubting in which city you want to study? Maastricht is a wonderful and unique city with an atmosphere you won’t find anyplace else. Read further and discover why studying in Maastricht is the best decision you will ever make!

1. Beautiful city with a rich history

First of all, Maastricht is a beautiful city with a very rich history. This rich history is a great part of the pleasant atmosphere that makes Maastricht so unique. The old monuments give the city character; there are lots of stories to discover.

2. Lots of international students

Second, there are lots of international students in Maastricht. The HMSM is not the only school in the city, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and Maastricht University also offer education in Maastricht. Especially Maastricht University attracts many international students to the city. The international students give a unique vibe to the city. You’ll always be able to find someone from your home country for days when you’re feeling homesick.

3. Lively and full of restaurants and cafés

Because Maastricht is a city full of students, it has a very lively atmosphere. This is our third reason for studying in Maastricht. The city is filled with restaurants, bars and cafés and has a very busy nightlife. Looking for a good time? Maastricht is the place to be!

4. A warm welcome

The large amount of students is not the only reason for the lively atmosphere of Maastricht. The inhabitants of Maastricht have a very welcoming spirit and are always in for a party. This spirit is tangible in the atmosphere of the city. Even though Maastricht is quite a large city, with more than 122.000 residents, it feels like a small town.

5. Many student associations

Afraid of being lonely when you’re studying abroad? Don’t worry. In your first year at the HMSM you will sleep in your private student flat at the campus, so your friends and classmates are always close. Another reason to prevent loneliness is joining a student association. Join Amphitryon, the student association of HMSM or join one of the many others! You’ll meet tons of new people and it will give your social life a boost

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