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5 tips for spots to study in Maastricht | 08 mei 2017

Cramming for exams or writing a paper? A nice quiet place is essential for a good study session. When your dorm is too noisy it can be nice to go to a different spot. In the following tips we’ll share the best study places in Maastricht with you! Handy when you’re having a hard time concentrating and need a change of atmosphere.

1. The HMSM library

The closest place to go when you’re looking for a study spot other than your dorm room is the HMSM library. The library has multiple spots to study. With or without computers and for individual use or groups.

2. The Centre Ceramique

The Centre Ceramique is the main library in the city centre of Maastricht. The library/culture hub in Maastricht is a great place to study. There is free wifi and a large quiet area with enough places to study. When you’re done studying you can enjoy a cup of coffee, train your piano skills in one of the music rooms or browse through the books.

3. Libraries

The Centre Ceramique is not the only library in Maastricht. In fact there are many other libraries housed in the city. With your library card you’ll be able to access all of them. There are libraries that are part of Zuyd Hogeschool and there are the university libraries. Try out a few different libraries, gage the atmosphere and find your favourite spot!

4. A cafe

Not a big fan of studying in a library? Try out a café of coffee shop! The atmosphere is less quiet and a little busier. Some people might find this distracting, but sometimes silence can be distracting as well. A few good places for studying: De Brandweerkantine, Café Zondag, Tribunal or The Alley Cat.

5. In a park

Want to enjoy the weather while you’re studying? Try one of the parks that Maastricht has to offer. Find a nice quiet spot, enjoy the fresh air and study away. Studying in the park brings some difficulties: no wifi. But when you have to read a book the park can be a very nice study spot!


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