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Let's catch up with alumna Iris Rijnierse - Hilton Elevator General Management Program | 19 november 2018

Iris Rijnierse [F 2017] is Elevator General Management Trainee at DoubleTree by Hilton Tower of London.        

How did you end up in your current job?

I graduated from Hotel Management School Maastricht about a year ago. I was doing my final internship in Washington D.C. when I applied for a traineeship with Hilton. After a couple of rounds with interviews, tests and an assessment at a Center in Venice, I got accepted to the Elevator General Management Program and started my journey in Germany. I worked at Hilton and Hilton Garden in Frankfurt Airport for 9 months. After that I moved to London where I am currently working at the Double Tree by Hilton Tower of London. In the past 14 months I have seen a lot of Hilton hotels and met inspiring people. In February 2019 I will finish my traineeship and apply for jobs anywhere in the world!

Where do you see yourself in five years' time?

Difficult question! I think I will still be working abroad with people from different cultures. It gives me a lot of energy to work with different poeple and different guests. One day I would like to become a GM!

Do you have any tips for the current hotello's?

Explore as many cities and cultures as you can whilst you are studying. You can learn a lot and meet a lot of different people. Besides this, there are a plenty opportunities in Maastricht to develop yourself. I joined a charity called MARA Maastricht, was part of the Student Council and joined the board of my sorority. These experiences will help you to develop yourself and gain skills that you will not necessary learn at school.

Where did you do your internships?

I did my first internship in Bangkok and my second internship in Washington D.C.

When I was 12 years old I already knew that I wanted to work in Thailand one day. When I could choose my first internship destination it was an easy decision for me; I wanted to go to Thailand. In Bangkok I only worked with local Thai people, this was an amazing experience. I love the true hospitality that Thai people show their guests. In America I also learned a lot and got the chance to develop myself in the Front Office department.

What puts a smile on your face when you look back at your time at the hotel school?

I really liked the close relationship that students and teachers have at Hotel Management School Maastricht. I think it was great that you could approach teachers easily and that they were always available to give you advise or help you with projects. Especially during Module 7 we became friends with our teacher (Mr. Persoon in my case) and that was great!

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