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Bachelor experiences: educational & social | 08 december 2017

Yes, living on campus is fun. Maastricht is a great town. And you really should consider joining the student association of Hotel Management School Maastricht. But what about the bachelor programme itself? What can you expect during your 4 years at Hotel Management School Maastricht? A few students about their educational and social experiences:

Close contact

“The education at the Hotelschool in Maastricht is of high standards. Students are required to work independently, however the teachers are always willing to help. The contact between the students and teachers is very close. Teachers are always available to explain things in depth. The school is very professional and the students are taught to be successful ‘hotellos’ in future.”

Minors and smiles

“In your 3th year of Hotel Management School Maastricht you get minors, in which you choose a direction. I chose the minors ‘Horizons in Hospitality’ and ‘Event Management’. With Horizons we are looking into hospitality in other branches then restaurants and hotels. Event Management gives you insight in the world of events. After my minors it’s time to graduate which means that my amazing time in Maastricht almost ends.

In the hallways, library or in student restaurant Refresh you will always be greeted with a smile by everyone! The teachers are also well groomed and always in for a chat. The Hotel Management School is an extremely great, fun and educational school to study and it’s obvious that hospitality is very important.”

Theory and practice

The Bachelor programme of Hotelschool Maastricht is varied. The first 1,5 year is very theoretical. You have a lot of exams to study for and a lot of projects to do. This can put a little pressure on you every now and then. After your operational internship, it’s mostly practically oriented. We get cases of hotels and write advising reports.

I really liked the operational internship in my second year. Being 5 months abroad working in a hotel and meeting new people was an amazing experience.”

Develop yourself

“Studying at the Hotel Management School Maastricht is a great experience. You learn a lot about the hospitality industry and about your own personality. Besides that, school and the student association Amphitryon offer a lot of opportunities to do extra tasks or jobs. In this way you can and will develop yourself in these 4 years.

The Bachelor program is not difficult, but it is very busy. Time management is therefore very important. A lot of students struggle with it sometimes. The minors give you the opportunity to specialize yourself.”


“Right now, I am in my 2nd year. Studying at Hotelschool Maastrict has been amazing so far. In the first half-year you have to work in the Teaching Hotel and you have to organize your own event. This is challenging, because you work with a lot of different people. The second half of the year is very theoretical. You have classes like management accounting and statistics, a challenge as well. Right now, we are working with a simulation program of a hotel and preparing ourselves for the operational internship.”

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