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Back to the U.S. of A.: visiting professor Michael Tews says goodbye | 23 november 2018

Associate Professor Michael Tews

From 1 September to 24 November 2018, Michael Tews, Associate Professor Organisational Behaviour at Penn State University (U.S.A.) spent a sabbatical at Hotel Management School Maastricht. During the visit Michael contributed to the HMSM programme in different ways. He was PBL tutor in module 3, supervised two management projects, presented a joint paper at Eurochrie Dublin and designed a number of work climate studies together with research director Ankie Hoefnagels. During his stay, Michael provided valuable guidance and advice to both students and colleagues.

International vibe

His presence brought an international vibe to the organisation. In Michael’s words:  

“Without reservation, my time at the Hotel Management School and my time in the Netherlands has been a rewarding experience. First and foremost, I am appreciative of the genuine hospitality extended to me by colleagues, both inside and outside of work. I feel I have obtained valuable insight into both work and family life in Dutch culture. At school, I particularly enjoyed working closely with the Module 7 management project groups. On the whole, I was impressed by the students’ competence, work ethic, and ability to work independently. It also was an insightful experience to be involved with the Module 3 PBL sessions, working alongside Marjo Ummels, as this approach to learning is not common in the USA. On a research front, it has been valuable to extend my research stream in an international context, gaining new insights into human resource management issues and the nuances of conducting research in a European context. Ultimately, I increased my self-awareness and broadened my perspective, which was one of my objectives for spending a sabbatical abroad. I am pleased that others have benefitted from my time here as well.”

All in all, the successful stay of Michael Tews at HMSM is a foundation to build on for future exchange with Penn State University.

Hotel Management School Maastricht

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