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Hospitality blogs by Cas Meijerink | 10 juli 2017

Cas Meijerink is a 21 year old student of Hotel Management School Maastricht and currently graduating. When Cas was about 10 years old, he already knew he wanted to study at a Hotel Management School. At a young age he found the world of hotels, restaurants, food and especially hospitality very interesting!

During his study Cas undertook many secondary activities including starting his own blog and setting up his own business. At the age of 20 he was the proud owner of speaker agency “De Jonge Sprekers”, where - the name says it all - young speakers can be hired to speak at meetings, events or to give a training.

Interested in reading Cas’ blogs about hospitality? Check the link (only in Dutch)! http://www.waarisdegastvrijheid.nl/

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