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Daan meets alumna Eveline Vedder | 18 december 2018

Daan Jacobs is this weeks’ welcome manager in the Front Office of the Teaching Hotel. Last Friday, alumna Eveline Vedder returned to her roots, where she graduated in 2007. Daan met Eveline in the bar to talk about her past in Maastricht and her current life.

Back to your roots

Eveline came back to Maastricht for a city break with her mother. The Christmas market “Magisch Maastricht” was an extra trigger to come back to Maastricht. Eveline really wanted to see what is happening at school and what has changed in 10 years’ time.  

Eveline's career

Daan: “I am very interested in the life of Eveline after graduating from Hotel Management School Maastricht. Eveline started a master's degree after her studies. After that, she became an entrepreneur. After an interesting period with an event company, where she learned a lot, she started working for TIO Amsterdam in the position of study coach /  internship coordinator. I asked her why she fits in this role as internship coordinator so well. Eveline replied that she, of course, also adds her experiences from her own internships. And also brings along the experience she has gained as an entrepreneur. In addition, she has gained a lot of experience abroad, which is of great importance coaching students during their internships. When I asked Eveline what her most beautiful memory of the education at HMSM was, she told me that her internship really stood out. "That is the best feeling of there is". She said that you gain real practical experience during your internship and that has helped her a lot.
She was enthusiastic about her stay at the Teaching  Hotel. There is a big difference with how things went 10 years ago. Everything is really up to date!"

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