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Dutch delights: cookies & pastry | 10 april 2018

You can’t live in The Netherlands for long without stumbling across famous Dutch cookies and pastries. Some sound really strange but do they taste great! Be careful though, as they are all highly addictive! Wanna know more about the ‘stroopwafel’, ‘tompouce’ and ‘Bossche bol’? Let’s introduce them to you.


Originated in the late 18th century: the stroopwafel (syrup waffle) is still a modern day tasty treat. It’s made of two very thin layers of baked batter with a caramel filling in the middle. The best ones can be found at a market where they are being baked right in front of your nose. You can smell the delicious treat long before you actually see them being made!

Wanna look Dutch? Then place your stroopwafel on your coffee or tea mug and make sure it balances perfectly. It’s the traditional way to eat one. The rising steam from the hot coffee or tea warms the waffle and slightly softens the inside. Lekker!


Another Dutch beloved and iconic pastry treat: the tompouce. An Amsterdam pastry baker introduced this local version of the French mille-feuille. There’s little variety in form, size and colour. It’s must be rectangular, with two layers of puff pastry and a sweet, yellow cream filling. The icing is smooth and pink. However with King’s Day and during international sport tournaments they also have orange-coloured icing.

Awkward: there’s no easy way to eat a tompouce. Our advice is to eat them in informal settings. A less dignified but very effective way: take the frosted top layer of the pastry and hold it in one hand with the bottom half in the other. Take sequential bites. Yummy!

Bossche bol

A ‘Bossche bol’ is a pastry from the Dutch city of Den Bosch (‘s-Hertogenbosch). It’s a large cream puff filled with whipped cream. It’s coated with real, dark chocolate. The original ones come from confectionary ‘Jan de Groot’ (literally: Jan the Great) in Den Bosch. But the whole country imitates them. There are even some with white chocolate. Try one or better: try several. Only then you will discover your favourite!

Bon appétit!

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