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Events & festivals in and near Maastricht | 19 januari 2018

Are you curious about coming events and festivals in and around Maastricht? In this article we’ll talk about five big events that will take place in the Limburg province.


In the southern provinces of the Netherlands we celebrate what was originally a catholic feast before fasting: Carnaval. Nowadays cities elect a prince carnaval, there are parades and people dress up like they do with Halloween (not only scary costumes however). There are parties for three days in most of the bars and clubs. Carnaval is also largely celebrated in Maastricht, where it is called ‘vastelaovend in Mestreech’. In 2019 Carnaval will take place from March 3rd until the 5th.

Museum night Maastricht

During Museum night you’ll be able to visit thirteen art institutions throughout the city of Maastricht at night. You can not only admire the art, but also enjoy music and drinks with friends. There is a special vibe when visiting a museum or an art gallery at night. Definitely worth visiting to enjoy with your fellow students! The 2019 ‘Museumnacht’ in Maastricht will be on the 12th of April.

Groove Garden Festival

If you like House music, this is the perfect music festival for you. Especially if you can’t wait for the summer to go to a music festival again. The festival will be on the 18th and 19th of May, 2019. The sun will start to shine again and this festival celebrates spring and the weather getting better again. Groove Garden Festival is in Sittard, a city relatively close to Maastricht.


Each year somewhere in the early summer there is the Pinkpop festival, which is only 30 minutes away from Maastricht by car. This festival is in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest uninterrupted pop festival! Every year there is an amazing lineup. This year the festival will be from the 8th of July until the 10th. Big artists like Bruno Mars, Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters will be performing there amongst others.

Solar Weekend Festival

Solar Weekend Festival has a divers program full of DJ’s, rappers and bands. What’s even more important during this festival is creativity, colour and love. The perfect music festival for those who like games and carnivals. There are amazing stages and decorations all over the festival grounds. The last couple of years one of the stages for example was one big bouncy house.

The festival organizers make up all kinds of creative little stands. For example a ball pit filled with popcorn instead of colored balls, where you can just sit and relax. In the past years there was a tree full of papers with wishes from visitors. Every year they have their famous water pistol fight with foam machines. And to inspire even more creativity there is a contest at the campsite: the most creative tent of the weekend wins a price! In 2019 year the festival will be held from August 1st until the 4th.

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