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It’s that time of the year again…..EXAM time! | 02 april 2019

Here are some exam tips that help you prepare and take your exams. A peaceful environment, sufficient relaxation and good planning are very important.

Take notes and attend classes

It’s all in the preparation! In order to pass an exam, it is important to attend classes. You may also have to follow online lectures, so try to keep up with them. Always take notes, since writing things down make you remember them better.

Create a summary or mind map

Try to summarize the text from the book in your own words. That way you remember the text better. If you do not like making summaries, you can also choose to mind map. This means that you put keywords on paper and indicate links with arrows.

Think up some questions yourself

When you are learning, you can come up with questions yourself. You can also include this in your summary. Or make a kind of question-answer summary. Find links between paragraphs and chapters. Ask yourself in advance: "What kinds of questions can I expect?" Practice with old exams or test papers. It is also useful to think up questions with a fellow student. Make a game of who has the most correct answers or can come up with the most difficult questions.

Plan, plan, plan

No study without planning! Plan a few weeks ahead of the exam. Make sure each subject is covered. Divide your work per hour, day, week and month into bite-sized chunks. Stick to your schedule, possibly use a kitchen timer. And don’t forget to plan some time for relaxation. Have a chat, drink a coffee, watch a series, clean your room or even dance to a nice piece of music and then........back to work.

Just before the exam

Be sure to get enough sleep and eat a healthy breakfast in the morning of your exam.
Make sure you have the necessary items at hand for all exams. Pack your bag the night before to reduce stress on exam day! Try not to learn straight until the exam, but relax a little instead.

Some final tips for during the exam

First view the whole exam. Start with answering the questions that you can easily handle. Only then do the more difficult questions, and ignore the questions that you don't understand at first glance. If you don't know a question: don’t panic and just skip it for now! Remember you have prepared yourself for the exam as well as possible. You can't do any more now.

Try to stay positive and relaxed and focus on nailing the exam, and you are more likely to indeed do so!

Hopefully these tips will help you! Good luck!


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