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Finding new family at Hotel Management School Maastricht | 28 mei 2019

A complete new ‘family’

Because of the many international students at our Hotelschool in Maastricht, everyone feels at home quite easily. At campus you can make friends for live and even find a complete new family! At least, that is what Gabriel and Sarah say. 

Gabriel Liechtenstein from Austria, first year student at Hotel Management School Maastricht: “I’m enjoying every moment of my time until now! I call all the friends that I’ve met ‘family’. We all get along really well and I enjoy the time I spend with them.

They are always there when you need them, like a second mom or dad when you’re ill or like sister/brother when they tease you. I will never forget how we all drove back from town and the Dutch took people on the back of their bikes.

Therefore, I have tried it as well, needless to say I failed terribly and ended up in a ditch. A long-lasting memory!“

Sara Posch from Austria is also a first year student at Hotelschool Maastricht. “I enjoy studying at the HMSM and all the friends I’ve met are a family to me! We spend so much time together, that when I’m not with them, I miss them! Who would have guessed, that this would be possible?!

Furthermore I think the practical lessons are really fun! We get to work and prove how professional we are and it’s very realistic. We work in the Teaching Hotel, where guests walk in and out, dine and sleep. They pay for our professionalism. I feel this is the best way to learn.

It may not be fun waking up for morning shift, but it is fun to munch away on some of the croissants that are left behind before the staff catch you.”

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