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Gastronomical Event - the sky is the limit | 04 juli 2017

Memory Walking Diner

“Our gastronomical event took place on June 30, 2017. After weeks of brainstorm sessions, meetings and preparations we could finally welcome our guests to our big day! We organized a “memory walking diner” and invited our family and friends.

Remember yesterday, dream of tomorrow but live today!

Together with our family and friends we share our dearest memories. Our idea was to connect the past with today and the future. Remember yesterday, dream of tomorrow but live today! This quote fits perfectly with our theme. Nowadays everyone is so busy that we wanted to create a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of interaction between our guests. To create this interaction, we made a photo wall with photos of us and our family in the past and from our life at Hotel Management School Maastricht. We hired a DJ who played golden oldies and some hits from today. There was a beerpong table and a traditional Dutch ‘sjoelbak’. It was great to see my grandmother play beerpong.

Sharing memories

We wanted to create a relaxed setting so we organized a walking dinner with six little dishes. Two starters, two main dishes and two deserts. The first dish was a traditional dish from the past with a modern twist, like a Dutch shrimp cocktail. The second dish was a modern dish of today, like a mini pulled pork burger with truffle mayo. With our menu, we wanted to remind our guests of the memories they have with the food of the past and today.

We can look back at a beautiful evening with a lot of laughter. Our guests were enthusiastic, and of course very proud of us. Everything we learned during Module 1 helped us to make this event a success. We hope these positive memories will last forever for our guests and ourselves”! 

Gastronomical Event

At the end of the first semester in year 1, our students have the responsibility to organize a gastronomical event. The gastronomical event is a project that focuses on gastronomy, innovation and hospitality. The students have to create an evening-filling program and treat their guests to an innovative and gastronomical evening they will never forget. The photos testify that our students have been more than successful.

Thank you Jesse van Moorsel, Anniko Muis, Yvonne Kraaijvanger, Maxime van Esseveld, Savithri Faassen, Anne Finders, Charlot van Geest, Puck Gerritse, Lotte Goes, Loesje Goudkamp, Tom Mestrom, Charles van Montfort, Pieter Muntendam and Inge Schlössels for sharing this wonderful experience!

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