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Get inspired by guest lecturer Elske Doets | 20 november 2018

Elske Doets - business woman of the year 2017 – gave a guest lecture at Hotel Management School Maastricht.

Guest lecture  

On Friday, November 16, Elske Doets gave a guest lecture on Leadership. Themes she addressed were doing business in an inspiring way, leadership, having the guts to do business and creativity connected to service and hospitality.

Young Lady Business Academy

Elske is committed to the position of young women in the business world. In that context she started the Young Lady Business Academy. With this Academy she wants to inspire girls between 15 and 24 years old and motivate them to become the businesswomen of the future. Participation means that candidates (after a selection) are allowed to take part in masterclasses by inspiring women and the winner can join Elske on a trip to America or Canada.

In July 2018, four students from the study program of Hotel Management School Maastricht participated in these master classes and they were extremely enthusiastic. During the guest lecture they shared their experiences with the audience.



Some of the quotes from the participating students are:

Femke Beukers: "The Young Lady Business Academy 3.0 was a very inspiring week! Together with the other young ladies we had several master classes by power women, tips from Elske Doets and shared our ambitions. We also did some sports, visited the “Eerste Kamer” and met with prime minister Mark Rutte.”

Anne van Hannen: ''During the Young Lady Business Academy I learned a lot and was inspired by both power women and the other participants. I would advise everyone to take part in the Young Lady Business Academy, from the moment you sign up you will enter a learning process that can help you realize your dreams and make them come true."

Laura Franken: "The Young Lady Business Academy was a challenging, motivating and inspiring week. I recommend it to all girls who have a dream, but do not know how to proceed. During this week you will get tips to turn your dream into a concrete plan. "

Claudia Wieman: "During the Young Lady Business Academy, I was able to learn a lot from power ladies from different fields in only five days. They taught us some inspiring lessons:

  • Have the courage to go for your own dream
  • Dare to make mistakes, and then try again
  • The right time to start does not exist, just do it
  • Dare to grow and achieve your goals while staying true to your values

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