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Global Minds in Chengdu | 31 oktober 2017

HMSM lecturer Ankie Hoefnagels was invited by Chengdu University in China to give a series of lectures during their 3rd International Week (16 – 20 October).

Concurrently, a creation and innovation competition took place in which a team of Zuyd students (Oriental Languages) participated.

Ankie Hoefnagels - keynote speaker

Additionally, the university invited Ankie to deliver a keynote on intercultural competence in hospitality and tourism at Chengdu’s Creativity & Design Week for an audience of government representatives and entrepreneurs in the realm of tourism and culture.

International Week

The International Week of Chengdu University is a major event for all faculties to which professors are invited from Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, New Zealand, Canada, the U.S., U.K. and Denmark. The foreign guests were chaperoned throughout the week by 70 enthusiastic student volunteers and enabled to participate in the university’s vibrant campus life and enjoy the great food at one of university’s six canteens. Chengdu is the sister city of Maastricht and is located in the Province of Sichuan.


Chengdu is considered as the Chinese capital of gastronomy and is one of China’s most relaxed cities with a considerably lower pace than Beijing or Shanghai, but with a development drive that leaves outsiders literally breathless. Chengdu’s international department and Zuyd’s research center International Relationship Management have agreed to do joint research in the coming years.

Contact person: ankie.hoefnagels@zuyd.nl

Panel discussion at creativity and design week
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