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Have you ever breathed mother earth? | 06 november 2017

From an apple syrup orchard to a trout farm and from a shepherd community to a wine tasting. A group of Young Food Pro’s of Hotel Management School Maastricht went on a three day tour of cycling through the Limburg landscape and visited a variety of local food and beverage entrepreneurs. That is what the Breathing Mother Earth trip is all about.

It was exhausting!

To travel from one entrepreneur to the other we didn’t take the bus. We went by bike! We cycled 170 kilometres and walked 14 kilometres! It was exhausting but at the same time a great teambuilding activity. We experienced the beauty of the rolling landscape of the south of Limburg. And cycling is also typical of what the Dutch do!

It was interesting!

The activities we did corresponded really well to the theory we learned during the different guest lectures. They also contributed to our awareness of the differences in the food service chain.
Small entrepreneurs suffer under shopping behaviour of people who focus on cheap and comfort food. Did you know that it’s impossible to sell a proper bottle of wine under the price of 4 euros?! The taxes, bottle, distribution and production costs alone are more expensive than 4 euros. But what are the ingredients of cheap wine? No idea!  Wine is the only product that doesn’t have an ingredient label!

It was shocking!

We also visited an abattoir. This was quite a shocking experience. However, even this was a good contribution to our awareness of eating meat. Food trends show that it becomes more and more popular to eat vegetarian meals. Most people know that it’s better for the environment, the biodiversity and your health?! Not only did we visit an abattoir, we also visited a trout farm. It was really interesting to see how this small entrepreneur prioritises healthy and pure trout.

It was inspiring!       

To be able to really “breathe mother earth” we slept in a cowshed, we ate a lamb that was barbequed in the earth. We visited a herbalist and so much more. It was a busy schedule but this way we were able to experience as much as possible in three days. An important element that inspired us a lot was the Slow Food Youth Network. This network unites people who are aware of the current food situation and are willing to take action. Besides this, they create events aimed at raising awareness about food issues. The Slow Food philosophy says that all food should be good, clean and fair. At this moment we still have to change a lot in the society to reach this philosophy.

Are you still wondering if you should take action concerning food issues? If you care about our planet you have no other option! Realize that we are the future!

Breathing Mother Earth trip is part of the minor Essentials in Foodservice of Hotel Management School Maastricht. During the minor the group of students go on a Safari Day, a Breating Mother Earth trip and participate in a Food Debat.

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