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Have you organised your 21 dinner yet? | 07 maart 2018

In the Netherlands you are officially mature from the day you become 21 years old. From now on you are financially and legally responsible for yourself. A good reason for a party, we guess!

21 dinner

The tradition of organising a 21 dinner has come over to the Netherlands from America. Organising a 21 dinner is a tradition among students but gains more general popularity.

A traditional 21 dinner is hosted at the parent’s house. Friends of the student association and friends from school are invited to the dinner. This way old friends meet new friends. It’s a perfect opportunity to meet the family of the birthday boy or girl and to see where he or she grew up.

Fancy dishes and a perfectly set table

The family is off course also present. Their main task is to prepare the food and take care of the guests.
What do you eat at a 21 dinner? It is customary to serve multiple courses with fancy dishes. During these dishes the best wine is served (no beer!). The dinner has to have a chic look and feel and a perfectly set table.

Between the courses parents and friends hold speeches, self-made songs are sung, presents are given and a book with embarrassing and fun moments is handed over. The birthday boy or girl is the centre of the evening!

The day after......

After dinner it is common to hit the town and visit the venue where the host used to go out when he or she was still living at home. At the end of the evening all the guests sleep at the parent’s house. The party ends with a slightly hungover breakfast the next morning!

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