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Hello from the land of "Wurst" and "Bier"! | 07 november 2017

Laura van Gastel did her internship at Tropical Islands in Berlin. Read her story!

Hello from the land of the "Wurst" and of the infinite "Bier". I'm writing these words 60km from Berlin, in a former Soviet airbase now named Tropical Islands. I am working in a former zeppelin hangar, which was transformed in an artificial tropical environment as big as 9 soccer pitches. There are 195 rooms, 138 tents, 83 mobile homes, 13 bars & restaurants, around 600 employees and between a 1000 to 6000 guests every day. All of this makes it a unique and different internship where you can learn a lot.

Learning German

My internship here has a lot of variation as I have been working in a many different areas. A lot of employees and guests don’t speak any English, so I got to know the German language very well. This will be an advantage for the rest of my life!

Getting to know different cultures

I’m living in a building with all the other interns, so I don’t only get to know the German culture very well, but also other cultures like Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Finnish. I love my colleagues here, because they really treat me as one of the team and they make me feel at home. The best part of doing your internship here? Being able to relax 24/7(!) in the pools, saunas and fitness! And of course enjoying the most wonderful city of Europe in my free days, as you have an easy train connection to Berlin.

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