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Hospitality is anchored in our DNA! | 17 april 2019

There are several hotel management schools in The Netherlands. What’s the difference between all those institutes? If we ask our students why they choose for Hotelschool Maastricht many of them mention ‘the atmosphere’.

It’s hard to explain what it is exactly. But let’s give it a try! Read further if you want to know what students mean and feel when they’re talking of atmosphere.

Do you want to experience it yourself? Come over and visit one of our open days!

Feeling at home

“The Hotel Management School Maastricht was the first hotel school I visited. And at the same time the last one as well! The minute I entered the building during the open day, I was sold. I had no doubts and was all in.“

”There are several reasons why I choose Maastricht. First of all I immediately felt at home here. Secondly I knew Hotelschool Maastricht has a good reputation. And third: the private rooms at the campus for first year students. I seriously thought about Hotel Management School The Hague but the fact that you had to share a campus room was a no-go for me.”

”I love the Teaching Hotel concept here at Hotelschool Maastricht. For me this school is better than the one in The Hague because of the cosier environment.”

Atmosphere & hospitability

“The atmosphere is very pleasant. Everyone is focused on what he wants to achieve. Isn’t it great to chase your dream? Since everybody has a goal the vibe is pretty good.”

“I think the atmosphere at Hotelschool Maastricht is fine. But to be honest: it somewhat depends on the timing. Close to the exam weeks everyone is pretty stressed out. But if there’s a bar club night, everyone is very happy and relaxed.”

“I like the atmosphere at our school. Everyone is all about socializing.”

“I think the atmosphere in our school is the best you can get in Maastricht. That’s because everyone in here likes what he or she is doing.”

“The Hotelschool immediately felt like home when I came to the open day. It’s just all about hospitality. I made a lot of friends during my time here. We’re one big family and I think that’s what the ‘world outside’ feels.”

“The atmosphere is very nice, If you enter the lobby of the school, you can already feel the vibe of hospitality.”

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