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How to start your career as Young Food Professional | 29 september 2017

How to start your career as Yound Food Professional

There are many reasons to study at Hotel Management School Maastricht. You might want to start your own business or follow your passion for hospitality. Whatever your reason is, in the third year minors are part of the curriculum. This is the moment to think about your own future and goals.

Foodservice in a nutshell

One of the available options is the minor Essentials in Food Service. A very inspiring minor about the world of food and drinks. All aspects of the food chain are included. The guest lectures in this minor will amaze you, as well as the Breathing Mother Earth tour and the Food debate. You will love it!

Future Young Food Pro's

When you have completed this minor, you can call yourself a Young Food Pro. What options does a Young Food Pro have in terms of the management internship? How do you start a career after your studies? What can a company do for you and what is your added value for a company?

Internship & Career Event

To help you to the answers you need, Hotel Management School Maastricht and Student Association Amphitryon organise the Internship & Career Event. At this event, you will meet different companies where you can start your career. There is plenty of opportunity to ask them everything you’d like to know! We had the pleasure to speak with several Food Service related companies at the Internship & Career Event this week. For instance, we spoke to Compass Group, Conceptional, Lantmännen Unibake, Appel catering and many more fantastic companies.

The companies walk the extra mile for Young Food Pro's

There are a few things these companies have in common. They all love working with us, the Young Food Pro’s, millennials with a different vision on products and concepts. Also, they all have an amazing network that they will use to help us start our career the best way possible. They all offer different internships. Do you want to work in sales? Marketing? Maybe Human Resources? Anything is possible!

Do you want to see more about the Internship & Career Event? Watch the vlog!

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