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Be prepared: anything can happen at your internship at Amstel Hotel Amsterdam! | 02 oktober 2017

Michelle Bolderdijk did her internship at Intercontinental Amstel Amsterdam. Read about her great experience at the Banqueting Sales department!

Internship at Intercontinental Amstel Amsterdam

During the orientation of my internship I immediately knew that I wanted to do my internship at the classiest 5-star hotel of Amsterdam: InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam. I have had not one moment of regret what so ever and my internship at the Banqueting Sales department was in one word FANTASTIC.

Stunning Hotel

InterContinental Amstel is an absolutely stunning hotel, where high demanding guests want to feel at home. Therefore, every day at the hotel was quite a challenge. I have had the most interesting phone calls, received challenging e-mails and had the best site inspections. I simply loved it all!

Anything can happen!

Since anything is possible at the Amstel Hotel, I have learnt a lot. For instance organizing a corporate event, a photoshoot, a graduation dinner and a film shoot. It was amazing to organize all different kinds of events where the sky was the limit and where the guests’ imagination simply becomes true. Seriously, anything can happen in the Amstel hotel and that made my internship so memorable! All this could not have happened without my colleagues, who gave me a lot of responsibilities. At the end of my internship I was able to organize an event from A to Z: from the intake to the evaluation of the event and from the contract to sending the invoice; this for all kind of different nationalities. I did not want to miss any of this!

Amazing Amsterdam

Amsterdam is also an amazing city for an internship, it is a city full of opportunities. Besides this, Amsterdam is a multicultural city that never gets boring. There are so many places you can visit and do not forget to visit all the cute little cafes!

Great experience

Altogether, InterContinental Amstel is a hotel where you can develop yourself into a young professional while working in a young environment. My colleagues provided me with relevant feedback, so I could improve myself quickly. I had the time of my life and I have learnt many new things. I am really thankful for this experience. I would never have wanted to miss it for the world!

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