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Internship in amazing Dubai! | 11 juli 2017

My full six months in Dubai were AMAZING!

Inge Bijlmakers did her internship in Dubai. Read all about her experiences.

I’ve experienced only good statements. The people, my colleagues, the hotel, the city, I feel incredibly sad to leave this amazing place. The opportunities you get to work with so many different people who have all different nationalities makes you much wiser than you were before! And let’s also mention the personal development you will go through.

If you have worked in Dubai, you can work anywhere in the world!

The industry is about hard work and long days, but you will expand your knowledge so fast and with such big steps. The hotel industry is booming and it is even still growing more and more even when the existing hotels are already running 80 to 90% occupancy per day, except during Ramadan. The experience you will have in the Middle East is fascinating.

Many different cultures

When I’m speaking about Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates, there are only advantages! My overall experience was delightful. I even had the opportunity to complete my last month in the Sales and Events team. The people who are working in Front Office and the concierge team are mostly Indian, Pakistani or Egyptian people. Their culture and prospects are totally different from the European culture. But it’s not hard to adjust, because the people here in the hotel industry are very open minded.


The biggest challenge was how to get along with the Arabic guests. When they’re coming to do the check in/check out, they are quite demanding. Actually there are two ways to deal with them. You will either give them everything; otherwise they might cause a bit of drama for you and the team, or they are super nice and are fine with everything. So you have to be a bit careful how to approach them. But the people are so nice and if you show them respect and they see that you’re trying to adjust a little bit to their prospective, they will assist you with everything. Besides from the Arabs, you will meet so many other cultures. I had many amazing positive experiences!

To work in the Middle East is and was an amazing experience and I would definitely come back. The experience and the knowledge you will acquire during you work, is incredibly high. For sure a big recommendation!

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