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Trends & Culture - Internship in Berlin | 27 maart 2017

Romkje Beck is a 2nd year student of #HMSM. Romkje did her operational internship at Tropical Islands in Berlin. What an interesting experience!


Berlin is one of the biggest, upcoming and turbulent cities of Europa. And, that is also what you will experience! During my internship at Tropical Islands I lived at Friedrichstrasse, in the ‘middle’ of the city. Berlin has a rich history, namely because of the German Wall and it’s been developing enormously since the fall of the Wall in 1989. Both sides of Berlin (East and West) have a real different sort of city centre; what makes living in Berlin never boring! The East with neighbourhoods like Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain are the places to be for cocktails, parties, live music on the street and street art. And the West part is more filled with boutique shops, art galleries, coffee bars and shopping malls. Because of the differences between both sides of the city, it feels like you are constantly exploring and on an adventure!

Tropical Islands

My internship at Tropical Islands was really one of the most informative periods in my life. I worked at the Strategic Development Department and I experienced how it was to work for a  German company. However, because of the Dutch management (including alumni students of HMSM), I had the opportunity to see how the Dutch company culture vs the German culture is. The Dutch people can be very flexible and direct while the German people, especially from the from the former East part are not always like that. During my internship I really saw the cultural differences and it that was a real eye-opener.

Speaking German

Tropical Islands gave me many responsibilities, even though my German wasn’t  that good. I was forced to speak German during meetings and sometimes I had to conduct these as well. In the beginning it was really hard but this is the only way to learn a new language. In the end I managed to speak the language better and better and I gained the skills of working in a German environment. German people can be a bit restricted to rules and are quite perfectionistic, but that was a good experience for me. Because of my internship I am now more organized and have learned how to plan. As an intern you really experience working in a big company, where everyone knows each other and you, as an intern, will be heard. By having a monthly meeting with the CEO and all the other interns, we had the opportunity to share our ideas and findings about Tropical Islands.

I would definitely recommend an internship in Berlin and in special at Tropical Islands. Berlin, one of the most creative, international, cheap cities of Europa in combination with a valuable experience at Tropical Islands, will make sure you have a great operational placement!

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