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Roos Buys about her management internship at War Child | 14 juni 2019

Curious about my management internship at War Child?

Hi there, my name is Roos and I am 22 years old. As a 4th year bachelor student at the Hotel Management School Maastricht, I am currently doing my management internship at War Child. I would like to share my internship and other experiences at the HMSM with you.

War Child is a non-profit organization, founded in 1995 and is nowadays active in fourteen countries around the world. The organization has three integrated programs to help children affected by war: psychosocial support, education and child protection.

Team Actions

I’m doing my internship in one of those countries: right here in Amsterdam! Together with about 100 other colleagues, I’m working at the head office of War Child Holland. One of the seven departments of War Child is the Marketing and Fundraising department, where I’m part of Team Actions. At this department we take care of all the people who’d like to raise money for War Child. This can be big companies but also a little girl who’s selling cupcakes.

What I like the most about this organization is working with all my colleagues to make as much money as we can for all those children. This creates a really working ambience.

My most memorable moment at the HMSM

I have a lot of memorable moments about my time at the HMSM. But most of all is living on the campus. Living with all your friends, living right next to school and having parties with 20 people in a room that’s definitely not made to have parties with so many people in it.

Tips for students who have to start their management internship

I think you can make your internship as much fun as you want. Talk with as many different people you can, ask for feedback, learn from other people and off course; go to the after work parties. When you’re having fun in the work you do, you can get a lot more out of it!

Credits: Roos Buys, fourth year student at Hotel Management School Maastricht

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