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Join us for Carnival in Maastricht! | 29 januari 2018

Maastricht is a historic city full of traditions. One of the traditions is Carnival. Read about the unique story of Carnival, The Tempeleers, Vrow Wielemosj and the special role of Hotel Management School Maastricht!

The Tempeleers

Carnival is a very old tradition;  even the Romans had a tradition that resembles the present carnival. The Tempeleers were established in 1946 and arose from the Momus Society. The name Tempeleers has two stories. The first originates from the knights society Tempeliers established in 1118 and the second from the frequently used phrase “drinking as a tempelier”. Nobody really knows which story is true but the Tempeleers accepted the challenge to yearly organize three days of eating, drinking and partying before fasting. The Tempeleers carry the motto “Plezeer en Sjariteit”. So not only pleasure, party and fun but also practice charity activities.

Vrow Wielemosj

Carnival and Students carry another long tradition. In 1990 journalist Huub Noten introduced Vrow Wielemosj to involve students during Carnival. The idea originates from a play where a woman calles Vrow Wielemosj acts as a host for students. The Tempeleers made a replica puppet and every year another association took on Vrow Wielemosj in the parade. The tradition arose to hijack Vrow Wielemosj and to pay ransom beer in return. After years of damaging Vrow Wielemosj was severely damaged and she was sadly stored in the Tempeleers warehouse.

Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool

Three years ago, together with director Pascal Breuls of the Student Service Center, the Tempeleers decided to renew the tradition of Vrow Wielemosj. At first Vrow Wielemosj was only displayed at the Student Service Center but last year the Maastricht University, Hogeschool Zuyd and all student associations established  a true society of Vrow Wielemosj. Every student association in Maastricht swore 11 commandments and SV Koko was the first association to protect Vrow Wielemosj and take her in the procession at Sunday during Carnival.

Dies Natalis

Every university celebrates his birthday and calls this his Dies Natalis. Therefore it is understandable to also organize a Dies Natalis Vrow Wielemosj. The Student Service Center in cooperation with Hogeschool Zuyd and the six student associations held their annual meeting on January 25th.  Soon the most important question was raised. Who will protect Vrow Wielemosj this year?

The great unknown

The biggest secret of the Carnival season is who will be the Prince. On  January 14 Rolam Nievergeld was announced Prince Rolam 1. He is responsible for our city during the tough but very pleasant days of Carnival. The most important question this year was which student association will be in charge of  and accompany Vrow Wielemosj during Carnival.

Student Association Amphitryon

This year student association Amphitryon has been chosen to protect and also to show Vrow Wielemosj during the procession. Next to this Amphitryon is allowed to invite Vrow Wielemosj to her own lunch Carnavalesque at the Hotel Management School Maastricht.

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