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Kannen & Kruiken in Maastricht – perfect summer weekend guaranteed! | 01 september 2019

During the summer, Maastricht is a city that is all about events and activities. In the beginning of September, from Friday the 6th until Sunday the 8th, people come together at the ‘stadspark’ for the Kannen & Kruiken event. Kannen & Kruiken is a beer- and wine festival combined with food and music for the perfect atmosphere. It is open for people of all ages, so take your friends, family, and colleagues for a perfect summer weekend.

Taste the summer

Kannen & Kruiken offers the possibility to taste the summer with a diversity of drinks available. People who are into beers can enjoy the expertise of small and large breweries. The handcrafted beers range from fresh to darker and more mysterious. The offer of different wines during Kannen & Kruiken is infinite as well. The variety of sparkling wines is interesting for wine professionals as well as for starters. At the event, you will experience a lot of new- and exciting tastes, cheers!

Perfect combination

While you enjoy the cold beers and sparkling wines at the ‘stadspark’, you will obviously need some accompanying food as well. Therefore, different mobile kitchens are available at Kannen & Kruiken to ensure that everyone can enjoy a variety of snacks and food. Again, the offer is extensive and ranges from small to large dishes to provide the perfect combination with your summer drinks. 

Sit back and relax

Another aspect that could not be missing is definitely music. Besides the drinks and food, the Kannen & Kruiken event provides a program with live music of singer-songwriters, bands, and live DJ’s. You can sit back and relax with your drinks and food while enjoying the music. Perfect summer weekend guaranteed! 

Buy your first glass

The entree of this beer- and wine festival is free. The only thing you need to buy once is your first glass by getting your first drink. Afterwards, you can get the beers, wines, and food with coins that are purchasable with both cash and pin. For every new drink, you can change your empty glass for a filled new one! At the end, you can leave your glass at the Kannen & Kruiken event or take it home as a souvenir!

Are you interested in the Kannen & Kruiken event? To get more information about the exact location and the route, the time schedule, or other questions; check the following link.

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