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King's Day: April 27th | 10 april 2018

Typically Dutch: King’s day. Have you already experienced one? Make sure you won’t miss it this year. We promise you won’t regret it! Dress up in orange, go out on the streets and have fun with games, drinks, flea markets, music and dancing.


For a country where people like ‘normal’ behaviour and following the rules, King’s Day is truly nothing of the sort. It’s the one day of the year where the Dutch let loose in a unique way. To others it may not be the world’s greatest party but to us it’s epic. April 27th is all about joy, oneness, participating and celebrating. Everybody is invited to join in!

King’s Day 2018

Throughout the country big music festivals are being held on King’s Day or King’s night (April 26th). A great example is Kingsland in Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Groningen and Twente (with famous Dutch DJ’s and bands). But just pick any Dutch city and check out the festivities. There are parties everywhere!

King’s Day Maastricht

What’s happening in Maastricht during King’s Day? If you want to bargain and shop: head for the flea market in the ‘Stadspark’ (city park) where you will also find a lot of live music. At the ‘Vrijthof’ in the city centre and the market there will be festivals with national and international live acts. Have a snack, a local beer or other drink, bring your friends and enjoy!


With the ascension to the Dutch throne of King Willem-Alexander, the first King’s Day ever was a fact. Before 2014 The Netherlands have always had a Queen’s Day. The first official one, in August 1902, was celebrated during the reign of Queen Wilhelmina (King Willem Alexander’s great-grandmother). Heir to the throne Queen Juliana (grandmother) installed April 30th (her birthday) as an official national holiday.

In 1981 Queen Beatrix acceded the throne. She changed the character of the day and decided to visit the people instead of asking people to come to her on Queen’s Day. Since then the Royal family visits one or two cities every year during Queen’s Day. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima have continued this tradition. Nowadays King’s Day is being celebrated on April 27th, the birthday of King Willem-Alexander.

Long lives King’s Day! Long lives the King!

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