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Let's catch up with Joris Kerremans | 01 juni 2018

Joris Kerremans [F 2016] is district manager at Swapfiets Maastricht. Read about his career and dreams for the future in the blog below.

I received my Funda in 2016 after which I studied Strategy & Innovation at Maasticht University. While I have always had a passion for the traditional hospitality business, I have been interested in the usage of hospitality in other businesses as well.


The studies at HMSM and UM come perfectly together in my current job at Swapfiets; an innovative concept where a traditional product is sold as a service. While I was already preparing for leaving Maastricht, I got the opportunity to launch Swapfiets in Maastricht and help this fast-growing start-up grow even faster. Our goal in five years time? A blue tire in every bikerack. In Maastricht, but also all around the world!

The future

It's difficult to imagine where I see myself in five years' time but it might very well be somewhere far away where Swapfiets will be operational at that time as well. Our generation has so many opportunities to travel and work anywhere you want, take these opportunities, starting with your internships! You'll have plenty of time for settling down later on in life.

To quote one of Swapfiets' motto's: "Try lots of new stuff, and fail doing so!"

The whole board of Student Association Amphitryon is brand ambassador of Swapfiets!

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