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Let's catch up with alumnus Tom Keller | 03 mei 2017

How did you end up in your current job?

After I graduated from Hotel Management School Maastricht in 2015 and after I worked for them at the beginning of my professional life, I spent some time in Morocco working for Banyan Tree Hotels. Banyan Tree Hotels is an Asian high-end luxury brand with hotels/resorts around the world, with corporate social responsibility as one of their very important grounds (and something that made the company really interesting to me!). I was part of the pre-opening team for the very first Banyan Tree resort at the continent of Africa. After my time there I moved to the city where I reside currently, one of the most interesting and crazy cities imaginable in the world: New York City. I work for The Standard Hotels, a group of five boutique hotels in Los Angeles, Miami and New York (my old teachers will tell me here I'm not supposed to call them boutique hotels.... I know!!!). I am a Front Office Manager-in-training and act mostly as Manager On Duty. We consider ourselves everything but Standard. 

I have been and will always be one of the proudest ambassadors of HMSM, and it's without any doubt that the school always supported me/helped me in finding my job(s). Thank you!

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

These kind of questions are always the hardest, as every day is very different and especially in hospitality. What I know for sure is that I will keep on developing myself, exploring new situations and places and that I will always keep on searching for the those crazy/different/innovating and high end hotel concepts. And well, General Manager sounds nice right?!

Any tips for the current students?

Be open to everything they'll show you over there in Maastricht. I hope you already see and realize it and otherwise you will at one point, but being part of the community of HMSM is a most unique privilege and opens up a lot of worlds. Act hungry and travel the world (of hospitality), hotellos are everywhere.  

Anything else you would like to share?

Let me know if you're hanging around in NY this summer and in desperate need of some refreshing drinks!

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