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Luca Eijgenraam sharing her internship experience at Syndle | 23 april 2019

Management internship at Syndle

Hi there, my name is Luca Eijgenraam and I am 24 years old. As a 4th year bachelor student at the Hotel Management School Maastricht, I did my management internship at SYNDLE in Breda, the Netherlands. I would like to share my internship and other experiences at HMSM with you.

SYNDLE is an organization development agency, specializing in hospitality in the non-profit sector. I will be graduating from the Hotel Management School within three weeks.

What I discovered during my managenent internship!

During my internship at SYNDLE I discovered that my passion lies with consulting organizations regarding their development and growth in staff numbers. To me it is very interesting that by training and coaching employees, a company can better profile itself in the labor sector. I have the desire to gain more knowledge about this discipline. That’s why I have decided to start the master learning and development at Maastricht University. But first I have to follow the pre-master at Zuyd Hogeschool before I can start with the master. I think the management internship was a good way to discover what I want to achieve in the future.

The difference between the operational internship and the management internship

Yes, there is a big difference between the two internships. First of all because the operational internship is abroad and I had to deal with a different language and culture. Thereby, during the operational internship I worked on the floor and not at the management side as I’m doing now. And I think that I feel now more responsible than I did two years ago. For me, the management internship is a step closer to my future than the operational internship was.

My most memorable moment at the HMSM

I have a lot of memorable moments about my time at the HMSM. But most of all the time at the campus, the events, living together with my friends and the fun we had at school. I am definitely going to miss these times.

Tips for students who have to start their management internship

Yes, I think it’s really important to find an internship that suits your interests. It will make the work easier and a lot more fun. Furthermore, it’s important to have in mind what you want to achieve after the internship. With this in mind you will get the most out of the five months.

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