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After a very joyful Lunar New Year Celebration in Vietnam, An Vo is ready for HMSM module 2! | 26 februari 2018

Lunar New Year Celebration in Vietnam

Many of our international students at HMSM live far away from home. They see their loved ones only once or twice a year during the festive occasions that mark the cultural calendar. Please find below our 1st year student An Vo’s account of her Lunar New Year (or Tết) holiday spent home in Vietnam.

Hi everyone, my name is An and I am from Vietnam. I am a first-year student of Hotel Management School Maastricht. Being just an 18-year-old girl, this is the first time I live far from my family and on my own. I had a wonderful time here in Maastricht during the first module with my friends and teachers but I really missed my family and friends back home. As an international student, it is hard for me to be home, even during holidays like Christmas. However, I did get a chance to come back to Vietnam on the biggest celebration of my homeland – Lunar New Year, or Tết.

Gathering together with the family

Tết of Vietnamese people is an occasion where everyone returns home, gathers with family and praise their ancestors. In my opinion, it is somehow similar to Christmas in the West because people always put family first on these occasions. On the 30th of December in the Lunar Calendar (this year was 15/02), people usually go to pagodas and praise the Buddha for health and happiness. The New Year’s Eve is also when people worship the ancestors, tell them about the last year and wish for a great new year. And of course, we also have fireworks on New Year’s Eve!

The New Year Day is supposed to be the day for family only. My whole family always gather at my house because I live with my parents and my grandmother. This might sound odd to Dutch people but in my region, the youngest son usually stays with his parents to take care of them and my father is indeed the last son in 9 children of my grandparents. My family gathers to wish each other well and also give Lucky Money to the children! That’s always my favorite part!!

Lucky Money

Every year, after having extend best wishes to my father’s family side, we continue to my mother’s. My mother is also the last child in 12 children of my grandma (this could be a big shock to lots of people). Then, all of it happens again, all the wishes and Lucky Money are given with love and kindness! I really love those moments when my family is together.

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