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Lydia's amazing first month at Andaz Hotel | 05 juni 2019

Second year HMSM student Lydia Chelaram is doing her practical internship at the Andaz Hotel in Amsterdam. Read about how she expierences her first month as an intern at the frontoffice. She is definitely coming back!

“I’m coming back!”

As much as I wish I could stay here for a longer while, I obviously can’t because of school. My first month at the Andaz hotel has been AMAZING! As it is part of the Hyatt chain – which is a family based organization, the work environment feels like family as well. Every month, they held a group activity where we could get to know each other and spend time with our colleagues outside of work.

Right before I started working, I received a welcome video already from my mentor. This was so comforting and exciting at the same time. I’ve never worked at a place where they were so happy to have me without even knowing me. Luckily, I wasn’t the only new intern there, there were three new employees who joined just a week before. Therefore, it already made me feel comfortable to not be the only one who doesn’t know anything and ask a bunch of questions.

Learning experience

Within the first two weeks, I was already learning so much about the chain and brand whilst working with many different cultures. It’s a great motivator receiving compliments from my managers and guests such as being a quick learner or being impervious to stress. There were many situations where my team leaders themselves motivated me. There was a time when one of my team leaders, Angeliki was doing a check-in so smoothly and professionally. The way she was talking to the guest was so genuine that I felt so welcome and cared for as a guest would. Several times I just watched how she did it and wished I could be on that stage already rather than going through the whole learning process which would take some time. During my second week, when I was still training, I would go home and practice a check-in and check-out procedure every day and remember and reiterate what my colleague Angeliki would tell the guests.

You’ll only know if you try

You will never learn unless you do it yourself. I wasn’t prepared but I just decided to do a check-in. It obviously wasn’t perfect, but I managed it quite well. It was so exciting as you can imagine, I just wanted to do more rather than shadowing my colleagues in front. That was the quickest way I learnt.

Overtime, I got the hang of things and started to customize things my own way, such as I tell them things I personally like and think they should do such as the award winning cocktails at our bar, or to visit a certain place I recently went that I’m sure they’d like. I felt a lot more comfortable in talking to guests and making them feel cared for and understood.

Just last week, I told my team leaders and managers that I absolutely love working here and if they receive my CV once again after a couple of years, they shouldn’t be surprised and should accept me. They laughed and probably thought I was joking, but I really wasn’t… I would love to continue working at the Andaz hotel and grow within the hotel.

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